Stripping games and Strip blackjack

Gambling is not at all about earning money. However, lot more things are here instead of placing amounts on bets as well as putting the hardly earned money at risk. There is Strip Blackjack as another version of stripping poker games, for the enthusiasts of strip poker. Free online strip blackjack poker game can be the only thing better than free blackjack. It is true that strip blackjack is now available to play on internet. At anytime, one can play and enjoy it. It just requires the use of the blackjack skills, to test and observe how far one can get. A player can get lots of money in his/her bankroll after winning here. Some simple instructions about strip blackjack are given here, which are to be taken into consideration while playing the game including:

1. It should be decided earlier who should be the dealer for each round in the game. There can be numerous dealers in every round of this strip poker game. The strip blackjack game is simply facilitated by the dealer, which is quite different from any other regular game of poker. Here, bets are placed by the dealer in the same way all other members of the group place theirs.

2. Two cards will be given by the selected dealer to all participants, along with one of his/her own card. One will be in facing-up position and the other will be in facing-down position.

3. A signal will be given by the dealer to all the participants for them to reveal their cards. The player accumulating a score of 21 or nearby becomes the winner of the round.

4. Now, it depends upon the winner whom he/she selects as the participant who will be going to take off one if his/her clothing items. He/she will be obliged to do so ans could be a loser.

5. The player who has been selected for removing an item of his/her clothing should take off his/her pants, socks, shirts, and undies, etc.

6. Then the next round starts and the player who was the winner in the previous round will act as a dealer in this particular round.


Rules of Strip Blackjack:

Rules for splitting:
•    If anyone has a pair of A's and he/she has decided to split them and then is dealt a card valuing 10, he/she won't be having a blackjack with it, but a standard 21 only.
•    A max of 3 can be split for attaining 4 hands.
•    The Aces cannot be re-split in this strip poker game.
•    If a player has decided to split his/her Aces, only one further playing card will be received by him/her and then he/she will be forced to stand.

Rules for double-downing:
There is a similarity between the double down bet and the initial bet of a player.
• After a split, no double down is possible.
• If a player is dealing with a blackjack, he/she would not be permitted to double down.

Rules of an insurance bet:
The hands, which are additionally created by doubling down or splitting, are not applicable for insurance. Odds in the ratio of 2:1 will be received by the player on his/her insurance bet. The value of the insurance bet will get forfeited, if the dealer finishes up without getting any blackjack.



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